05 October 2009

Quiet Time 101

Like so many other Christians, I struggle with having a daily quiet time. I am a "doer," a "Martha," and its hard for me to slow down. I also know its important and vital to my Christian walk, but, lets be honest, sometimes the bed just feels too good in the morning, or the alarm doesn't go off when its supposed to, or any other of the myriad of excuses I can come up with so that I can't get in my daily quiet time. Also, lets be honest again, I can tell (and so can Dave) if I have NOT had my quiet time in a while :/

So, after Saturday night's lesson from Wade Akins (during our Fall Revival Servcies) and the Lord convicting my heart about a quiet time with Him, I'm trying to establish a routine, daily, quiet time. One of the things that Wade taught us was how to hear from God. Wade taught us to read through scripture slowly and meditatively. He also suggested starting in Ephesians with 3 minutes a day. The first and most important step is to SHOW UP to your quiet time! Three simple steps when reading God's word:

1) Look for spiritual truths and underline it.
2) Ask the Lord what He is saying to ME.
3) Pray the truth back to the Lord.