20 April 2011

Whatnot Wednesday


I've been waiting all week for Whatnot Wednesday!

**Saturday we had a great time at Kidfest. We ran a booth for our church, and I have to say that I think my Pastor Husband is more of a kid than the kids were! He made balloon hats and animals nonstop for 6 hours. We also found out that we have incredible talent in our church...I've never seen such beautiful facepainting that one of our ladies did! Maybe she'll come help me decorate my house! :)

13 April 2011

Whatnot Wednesday


Wow...I've looked forward all week to Whatnot Wednesday and now I almost missed it!

** Ever watched the show "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files?" Its one of my favorites really interesting. This team of former FBI agents, computer graphics experts, cinamaphotograhers and other experts travel to different locations to debunk various claims such as UFOs, ghosts, etc.

08 April 2011

Saving Money :)

So, I love reading blogs on how people save money at the grocery store and how they find all these great coupons on the internet. One really cool blog I read is couponing & budgeting. This blog has links to some other really good webpages, too. This woman went through some really awful times at an old church - serious spiritual abuse stuff - but that is another blog.

06 April 2011

Whatnot Wednesday


OK, so I totally stole borrowed this idea from Emily...but this seems like a cool idea. Whatnot Wednesday...gotta be better than a
Melancholy Monday :). From my understanding, this is the place where you just put out whatever is on your brain at the moment...like a purging session. Uh, yeah, that could be scary. Well, let's see...

01 April 2011

Bittersweet Memories

Throughout the last few years, I often wondered how I would feel when our time serving at Carlisle would end. I can't express how much Carlisle has blessed our family over the years. For sure, we have had our ups and downs and have suffered through some severe trials and heartache. But, we have also experienced some of the hugest blessings and greatest joy imaginable.