16 March 2011

How Big I'm Blessed

I find myself sitting at my desk getting irritated with my officemate's teleconference - the phone is turned up so loud and their voices are like fingernails on a chalk board - ear piercing! I am bored and ready to go home. In my line of work, its pretty much feast or famine...and right now we are in a famine period. All this means is there is not a lot of work right now and the monotnous watching the clock each day is driving me crazy.

03 March 2011

Birthday Cake with Icing & Sprinkles on Top

This post has been written on my heart for days, yet I am just now finding the time to write.  We had such an awesome day in the Lord last Sunday, and I can only describe it as your favorite cake with your favorite icing and LOTS of sprinkes on top!