11 January 2012


So, I want to blog more in 2012. I did break my record in 2011 with 20 blog posts!!! I am gearing up again for school this spring (Research Eval & Statistics [Jan-Mar] and Cultural Counseling [Mar-May]) and will also be starting a 20-day kitchen coaching session with Sheri Rose Shepherd on 17 January that I got free when I ordered some books from her website. I am not sure what her eating plan is, but it probably has to do with cutting out bad stuff and eating whole foods...which is what I need to do anyway. :)

Goals for 2012 - I hate making resolutions, because I always break them. So this year, I am going to set reasonable, atainable goals throughout the year and break them down into mini-action steps. Several areas the Lord is speaking to me on lately is hospitality, organization, physical health, and finances. Yes, I know they are broad topics, so I will be breaking down these areas into Specific, Measuragle, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely (SMART) goals. (Thanks Life Coaching 501). I am not sure how I am going to break down these four areas yet, and I am not going to make so many goals that I get overwhemled and give up. :)

Major category breakdowns--

1) Hospitality - make house repairs so that we can have people over and they feel welcome in our home and I am not stressed. I want people to feel welcome and comfortable. And I want to feel comfortable too - so that I can relax and enjoy others. Hospitality is not high on my spiritual gifts list, but that is not an excuse to not work towards that area.

2) Organization - I hate feeling unorganized. I try making paper lists - but they just get lost or I forget about them. I have tried keeping a calendar in my purse, but it just gets messed up and falls apart. So, we bought an iPad. I can keep everything electronically. Calendar, lists, you name it! No more pieces of paper getting left in my car or buried deep in my purse. Also, I want to develop an organization system for our home. I found an iPad app for home organization at I'm An Organizing Junkie for $0.99 and its good. This website also has lots of good organization ideas that i will begin to implement. I also want to get back into blogging meal plans to help keep me accountable.

3) Physical Heath - need to lose this extra weight and get into shape. Step 1 and 2 will be to take the 20-day coaching session mentioned above and to start blogging meal plans.

4) Finances - goal - to have money set aside for emergencies. Develop better working budget.

I plan to blog once a week for each of these areas. I also want to begin writing devotionals along with it.

Whew! On to 2012 and excited to see what the Lord is going to do this year!

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Amanda Dailey said...

As your daughter in law, you had improved since you done a ton of research, you have definitely made a choice to eat better eat healthy we have lost a lot of weight you look so good. All thing you have learned you should definitely share it, passed down your experience to someone, help change others. I believe you have achieve your wishes. ❤️